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St. Noa Boarding School 

In January of 2017, when the refugee population on the border by Moyo, Uganda numbered in the hundreds of thousands, overwhelming the ability of the district to provide power and water, we moved to St. Noa Junior and Senior Boarding School near Kampala, Uganda’s capitol. We currently support 41 girls at St. Noa. Most of our students improved their performance in 2018. The quality of the education is higher here than it was at the day schools in Moyo and our students’ English skills are stronger. They board and attend classes with Ugandan girls. English is the national language in Uganda, so it is the language used in schools. This improvement in language skills has also given our girls confidence in their communications with friends, teachers, doctors, nurses, and others they encounter in the community

Skills and Scholarship Fund

ASAH now has a Skills and Scholarship Fund to help prepare for the post-secondary education of our students.   We have five students, two girls and three boys, who have graduated secondary school and are now attending college or vocational school. One of our top students is in her second year at medical college working on her goal to become a doctor. The other four students are in their first year of college or vocational school. 

Education has already changed their lives, but we want them to change the lives of others as well.

Protecting, Educating, and Empowering Orphaned Girls

ASAH's primary mission is to Protect, Educate, and Empower orphans from the Republic of South Sudan through primary school, secondary school, and beyond. ASAH Protects our students from forced and early marriage, from disease through vaccinations and medical care, and now, from the civil war. ASAH Educates our students in school subjects and practical life skills to prepare them to support themselves and their families in the future. ASAH Empowers our students to be leaders and to give back to their communities that they may help their troubled nation establish and maintain peace for all.

ASAH Girls Advance to St. Noa's Boarding School
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