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Our team in based in the Twin Cities with a global heart for Africa!  The African Community & Conservation Foundation (ACCF) is a nonprofit foundation that raises awareness and funding for sustainable humanitarian, anti-poaching and conservation programs in Africa.


COMMUNITY OUTREACH: The communities surrounding protected wildlife areas in Africa are key stakeholders in conservation. The work that we support aims to help communities to thrive both socially and economically while living in peace with the surrounding wilderness areas.

ANTI-POACHING: Wildlife is under constant threat of poaching for commercial bushmeat, habitat encroachment, charcoal extraction, and the illegal trade of wildlife contraband such as ivory and rhino horn. To combat these ecosystem threats we support anti-poaching efforts that combine cutting-edge technology with boots, paws, and hooves on the ground.

CONSERVATION: Conservation management encompasses an array of activities, from treating wounded wildlife to managing fires and removing invasive alien plants in order to allow the landscape and its flora and fauna to flourish. ACCF supports projects ranging from managing wildfires and reducing the impact of invasive alien plants to the reintroduction of locally extinct animal species.

Our mission is to contribute to the preservation of important African wilderness areas, as well as to empower the communities living alongside these spaces, contributing to a world in which people and wildlife live together, sustainably, forever.

Strategic initiatives and programs include: Women and girls empowerment programs, environmental education, scholarships, enterprise development, anti-poaching, conservation, African wildlife reintroduction, and protection of critically endangered species and more.

"Please join me in supporting ACCF to make a direct impact on human life and wildlife in Africa today."

- JoshDuhamel, ACCF Ambassador and Board Member

Thank you for helping us do more!

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