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We are a non profit education organization doing anti-racism work through curriculum reform and engaging ALL communities. Our mission is:  Inspiring the Young Minds Of  Our Future.   We act this out in four primary ways: 

1. Classroom Service:  Our Teacher’s Forum subscription service prepares teacher candidates to close testing gaps, reduce suspensions and create a greater love of classroom education for ALL youth, Learn more 

2.  Media: HD video personal narratives that enhance our articles and preserving our stories. Called the 'Voices That Guide Us,' in  2020 we partnered with the city of the Minnesota Historical Society to digitize 100 of our old 'tapes' for preservation. Here is one segment that was preserved. 

3. Programs:  Our Street Team 'If Not Now When' program involves youth and elders.  It creates a cross-racial and cross-generational safe place to learn about our differences and similarities as human beings.  In 2020, we received funding from the city of St. Paul and finished a great ZOOM distance program in June.  Please view our work.  

4. Our Street Team Civics program was launched this summer to engage youth globally to share how they feel about the democratic process.


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*Thanks to your past support, we are growing because of YOU.  

We are now training today and tomorrow teachers at Universities  and E12 teachers in St. Cloud!  We are in the community with our Street Team and growing tomorrows health care field through diversity with our scholarship.

We rely on generous donors, volunteers, interns, and others to help.  This year we are encouraging you to donate 100.00 or more.

Your donation will help:

  • Strengthen our youth programs (Street Team), our curriculum reform service (Teacher's Forum) and video content (Voices That Guide Us) narratives.
  • Expand our next Street Team programs to outstate Minnesota.
  • Insert our Teacher's Forum service into more Colleges of Education to prepare tomorrows teachers to be more culturally competent.
  • Support the University of Minnesota's Frances McHie Nursing Scholarship (please specify). 

We truly hope you'll consider a gift to African American Registry®.


Benjamin Mchie:  Founder

P.S. Please consider sending your gift today.  Donations to African American Registry are tax-deductible as allowed by law

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