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What Type of Organization Is AALF? What Does It Do?

The African American Leadership Forum Twin Cities (AALF TC) is a cross sector network comprised of 4000-plus Thought Leaders, Institutions, Allies and Systems. We Come Together, Collaborate and Champion solutions to improve the lives, experience and well being of African Americans in Minnesota and beyond.

Convenings, Gatherings & Forums that Connect Black Leaders: Our events encourage people from diverse backgrounds to share a role in improving the lives of African Americans. A neighborhood community gets lifted one by one. Our COVID-19 Black Minnesota virtual town hall, Black Life Amplified, is keeping everyone informed about the impacts of the public health crisis. We are also reshaping the narrative specific to African American lives, Black leadership, and the Black experience with our podcast: Black Leadership Re-Defined, heard weekly right on our website and KMOJ-FM.

United By Black, Powered By All: UB, The Call to Take Action: Following George Floyd’s murder, a united group of community, nonprofit and business leaders launched a movement that now will go far beyond writing letters of concern, and AALF was chosen to lead. Collectively we aim to get at the root of disparities, heal the past and transform the trajectory of the future. The United By Black, Powered By All initiative reflects our commitment to systemic change, by mapping strategy and creating impact. You’ll be hearing a lot about this moving forward in 2022. We plan to engage you, in taking action, to improve the quality of life for Black Minnesotans.

The Josie R. Johnson Leadership Academy (JRJLA)The Leadership Academy is a six-month hands-on path to personal and professional discovery directed by facilitators, mentors, developmental tools, and experiential learning opportunities. Each fellow builds a vocabulary for articulating their purpose and passion in a way that leads to impactful change. The skills developed through the program serve as a launching pad for exercising leadership in Collective Impact projects. The overall goal of the academy is to accelerate the leadership development journey of emerging African American leaders. Fellows are chosen for the Leadership Academy through a closed application process. 

Black Centered Design: A Black Oriented Approach to Improving Our Community: Our Black Centered Design approach consists of collaborative initiatives to tackle our community’s most pressing challenges of Public Safety, Housing, Education, Employment, Economic Opportunity and Healthcare. History dictates that we must act differently. Solutions must be centered and aligned with people who are living the reality of inequity. As positive change results in single communities, our model will radiate change outward to neighboring, contiguous and connected communities, setting the stage for lasting and impactful revitalization. For more information on what this transformative Twin Cities organization is doing visit their website.

Listen here as AALF Executive Director Shares His Vision for 2021 & 2022.

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association - UMRA: Josie Johnson: Hope  in the Struggle


Visit AALF's Website Here & Meet Their Team 

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