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$6,000 Goal

Please help us raise $6000 to complete some key projects.  We need your help to take advantage of completing some necessary projects before the students return to school AND providing students with educational materials to support their learning during school closures. 

1) Problem: The girls' bathroom has been condemned.  The bathroom walls are cracked, the floor is degraded, allowing water to stagnate after showering. Additionally, the slabs that usually cover the hole in the pit latrines have curved in and deteriorated.  As such, the assessment is that the structure could collapse over the weight of the user.  The wooden doors have also given way, and the veranda/splash apron has cracked and deteriorated. Solution: We are building a new building with 2 large shower stalls and 4 stance pit latrines.

  • “A shocking one in three of the world’s schools lack adequate toilets, compromising children’s human rights to sanitation and leaving them to either use dirty, unsafe pits, go in the open, or stay at home.” - Relief Web
  • Diarrhea alone, one of three major childhood killers in Uganda, kills 33 children every day. – Unicef

2) Our 3000+ books from Books for Africa have arrived; it is now time to create bookshelves to create a library for when the students return to school.

  • In Uganda, eight of every ten children of 10 years or under cannot read. - African Library Project
  • Storing books on the shelves provides proper airflow and help with the preservation of the books.

3) For some grades, schools have been closed for 79 weeks and counting, the most extended school closure in the world.  We could not continue to wait for schools to open and have invested in producing and delivering homeschool packets for the students. 

  •     The Government of Uganda created home school packets which we have purchased in each vital subject area (Mathemetics, English Language, Literacy, and Religious Education) for each grade indented to cover a couple of weeks of content.
  • We purchased a copy for each grade, made copies for students for the first batch of materials.
  • Students either picked up materials or we delivered them to their home.
  • Help us continue and ensure we keep providing educational materials while schools remain closed.

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