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Join the movement to make education more inclusive in Sub-Saharan Africa

VISION: To help children realize their potential and empower them to make a difference in the world for themselves and others

MISSION: To provide a safe and quality learning environment to improve learning outcomes

OUR STRATEGY: Partner with like-minded organizations to address the three underlying challenges that prevent students from receiving a quality and relevant education today:

1. ATTRACT, RETAIN, and UPSKILL QUALITY EDUCATORS: We will collaborate with teachers to provide professional development to ensure new inquiry-based teaching methods are shared and a part of teachers to develop 21st century and literacy skills in students.

2. CONDUCIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: We will support the school leadership and community to address educational facility issues that detract from their learning experience by investing in better facilities and supplies.

3. ACCESS TO QUALITY EDUCATION: We will create and improve opportunities for students and teachers to access education by overcoming the barriers that prevent them from attending school

Why our work is needed:

By 2035, more African individuals will be entering the workforce than the rest of the world combined. These challenges need to be addressed today:

  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of uneducated youth in the entire world. Before the pandemic 53% of the child in low- and middle-income countries could not read and understand a simple text by age 10. In SSA, this stat is probably closer to 90%. One of the factors contributing to this is un/underqualified teachers. 
  • One hundred thirty-three (133) million children in Africa are in schools and not learning.
  • 25% of a school’s impact on a student’s academic performance comes from leadership effectiveness, while teacher quality accounts for up to 35%.

Impact: 2018 - 2022

  • Provided 154 textbooks in core subjects to Primary 7 students to prepare for Primary Leaving Exam in 2021 (all students passed!)
  • Increased student performance on Primary leaving exam resulting in continuous metric improvement each year.
  • Removed the barrier for girl education by providing reusable menstruation kits to 60 female students.
  • Increased enrollment 200 students post covid; Maintained ~50% female enrollment.
  • Donate 3000+ books from Books For Africa to establish libraries at 3 schools.
  • Provided 1774 home study kits to students during the extend school closure.
  • Built eco-friendly kitchen to serve 700 student warm meals.
  • Built dormitories, expanding the boarding capacity by 50%.
  • From 2016 on we impacted over 2000 individuals.
  • Reduced teacher absenteeism 40% - 5%.
  • Renovated girls’ dorm & bathroom.
  • Sponsor 5 students in Zambia.

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