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Help us raise $10,000 to power our change-making advocacy, community organizing, and education efforts!  We are supporting citizen, elected & staff leaders in 50 Minnesota cities to guide their community's clean, green & equitable economic recovery to achieve and live a resilient future!

Watch our Video on our work empowering 40 volunteer teams supporting their cities to take climate action

Your donation will support the launch of our  Resilient Cities and Communities Coalition.  

Climate action is still important! Global scientists are giving us clear paths forward to flatten the curves for new COVID 19 infections and for rising green house gas emissions to prevent crossing dangerous tipping points.

City-level solutions are key for solving both the COVID 19 and climate crises given federal and state level gridlock. 

Cities facing budget shortfalls and who are adjusting to new ways of working and meeting are looking for innovative ways to maintain their momentum on climate, energy, equity and resilience.

Through our Resilient Cities and Communities Coalition we are empowering

  • Citizen leaders of all ages to support their City Councils to keep climate action and resilience as a top priority
  • Commission volunteers and city staff to form multi-city action teams to implement high impact projects and policies for low-carbon/resilient energy, buildings and transportation, while making the most of limited resources. 
  • City leaders to impact county, state and federal policies to secure needed resources for a clean, green and equitable economic recovery.

Clean Cars Minnesota Rule – we supported cities and our members to win approval by Governor Walz for new rules to cut CO2 from transportation while increasing the types of Electric Vehicles available in MN.

Litter Be Gone – We supported neighborhoods to organize 50+ Litter Be Gone Events across Minneapolis communities with 1,000+ volunteers in cleaning up 1,200+ bags of litter from 500 blocks across the city, to protect our lakes and build neighborhood pride, partnering with the City of Minneapolis. 

Winona's Hemp Farm – We are the fiscal agent for the Anishinaabe Agricultural Institute - with Winona LaDuke and her heritage farm - focusing on restoring local food systems, traditional heritage varieties, post petroleum agriculture, industrial hemp to produce fiber and restorative ecological and agricultural systems. 

Restoring Our Lakes & Streams – We supported the Friends of Lake Hiawatha to organize major cleanups and win Park Board approval to plan to restore the lake's wetlands, habitat and diverse community uses.  

Engaging Congregations in Sustainability – We support volunteers in congregations to strengthen their Caring for Creation teams through lively, informative networking events to share their successful solar, rain garden, community garden, energy efficiency, waste reduction and other projects. 

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