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We're more than halfway to our $10,000 year-end goal so that we can co-create a world of Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness. Please help us accomplish that with a donation of any amount. Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, contributions up to $1,000 will be matched. 

Visionary leaders from around the world founded the nonprofit Alliance for Sustainability nearly 40 years ago with a mission of bringing about sustainability on a personal, organizational and planetary level. We envision a healthy, just, equitable, thriving, kind and peaceful world that works for everyone, fulfills their fundamental needs and realizes our greatest dreams of sustainability.

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Your Support

We are seeking your partnership in raising the funds for our overall work and specifically to launch our S.H.E. Kindness School Program (Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness). Following a description of our overall work, we describe the challenges our young people are facing and how your support can solve them, while bringing about innovative and practical win-win-win solutions for people’s pocketbooks, well-being, and communities. Your partnership will initiate this powerful new program and allow it to be scaled across the country

In addition to your donation, you can also help make a difference by signing our Declaration of Co-Creation and Interdependence, arranging for a presentation to your school or business, having your business or organization be a sponsor, and helping to volunteer or mentor students. 

The S.H.E. Kindness Campaign 

The Alliance has always had a focus on equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability. Yet, it has been deeply affected by the ongoing, horrific murders of people of color, global pandemic, climate crisis and the anti-democracy movement. These caused the Alliance to re-evaluate our work in the summer of 2020 to ensure that everything the Alliance does actually addresses such fundamental challenges. The Alliance now centers equity, health, sustainability and kindness in all our work.

We developed the impactful S.H.E. Kindness Campaign (Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness), which is collaborating with a wide variety of groups to co-create a diverse, inclusive alliance of more than one million people and organizations working together for personal and organizational transformation and public policy shifts to generate strategic tipping points to achieve fundamental systems change. The Alliance is powered by diverse, dynamic college and graduate students from across the country who share their passion, commitment and expertise. They are helping to lead all aspects of the Alliance.

The S.H.E. Kindness School Program

We are seeking support for our S.H.E. Kindness School Program. a replicable youth leadership development, education, action and creativity effort informing, inspiring and engaging students, educators, staff, administrators and parents to bring about sustainability, health, equity and kindness in their school, home and community. It seeks to:

  • Empower students to overcome hopelessness and “climate anxiety” by engaging and taking action for S.H.E. Kindness, affecting their lives, homes, schools and school district and city policies 
  • Complete the inspiring, informative and artistic S.H.E. Kindness eBook and website with interactive challenges, videos, games, and other resources, as well as our S.H.E. Kindness Creativity Prize encouraging students to fully express themselves through art, poetry, rap, music, videos, essays and other creations
  • Develop a new generation of sustainability leaders by training and paying the Alliance’s dedicated college students from across the country to present and facilitate S.H.E. Kindness in grades 6-12, while also guiding S.H.E. Kindness efforts in their colleges, hometowns and future workplaces

The Alliance will present virtually or in-person to students in 20 middle and high schools nationally, 10 of which will be in under-served communities. Through a positive, creative, informative, interactive and fun format, the Alliance will provide valuable S.H.E. Kindness resources. It will then engage students in choosing one or more Impactful Actions in each area of sustainability, health, equity and kindness that will inspire them, improve well-being, save money, build connections, and co-create a healthy home, school, community and world. 

The S.H.E. Kindness School Program is unique with its broad, inclusive and whole student design, development of diverse college students as leaders and presenters, emphasis on creative expression, and focus on schools that haven’t had access to such programming. It is a high-impact, low-cost model that can be replicated and scaled nationally to achieve the fundamental shifts needed in our country.

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