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Aeon's Story

Aeon for Ocean was founded by Aeon, a 7-year-old from Minnesota, to empower his peers to protect the ocean and this beautiful planet. Aeon has been passionate about marine life since he was 2 years old, and he is an avid advocate for the ocean and its creatures. His love of the World Ocean and his drive for conservation have inspired his parents and classmates alike.

Living in the Midwest far from the coast made Aeon especially curious about how people inland are connected to marine ecosystems. The World Ocean is the life support of Planet Earth, an interconnected system of all the Earth's ocean waters. We are also part of this system with every breath we take and through the water we drink. At Aeon for Ocean, our mission is to educate kids on marine life with focus on ocean conservation and help them create awareness about importance of oceans in their schools and communities. As Aeon says, "no matter where we live or eat seafood, we all are in trouble when the ocean is in trouble!"

Our Mission

"To educate and increase awareness about ocean conservation and marine life amongst kids and their greater role in spreading the message to drive action."

Our focus is on helping people inland understand why ocean matters, irrespective of where we live or eat seafood and things they can do from here in protecting the ocean. Through our Krill2Whale program and other education initiatives, Aeon for Ocean is teaching kids they can save the world's Ocean for eons!

Most of us continue to focus on human comfort first, without realizing the impact we leave. Pollution is increasing, global temperatures are rising, and natural disasters are becoming more frequent and intense. Ocean water temperature and acidity are also rising, causing ocean fish populations to drop. Many species have become endangered.

Ocean conservation isn't just for large organizations and governments - all of us can make a difference! To protect oceans and help them regenerate, we need to shift our thinking and our lifestyle. Educating children about conservation inspires them to take charge in protecting the planet and becoming responsible global citizens. Kids are also amazing educators themselves, spreading knowledge to both their peers and adults, just like Aeon does for his friends and family.

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