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Advocates of Silenced Turkey (AST) is a nonprofit human rights organization working for the rights of persecuted people in Turkey and abroad.  AST’s mission is to help raise the voices of silenced people in Turkey, to restore their rights and dignity in their lives. 

Two stories of those stripped of their rights and dignity:

“Esma Uludag passed away from cerebral hemorrhaging and financial difficulties just 6 months after seeking refuge in Greece.”

 “12 year old Furkan Dizdar died after his families’ passports were seized by Turkish authorities, causing them to abandon their plans of him receiving brain cancer treatment in Cuba.” 

We are the lawyers, judges, academics, journalists, and hundreds of activists who cherish democratic ideals and universal human rights.

Have you heard about the drastic human rights violations occurring everyday in Turkey? Turkey is now the world’s top jailer of journalists.  Among these is Ahmet Altan, a famous author of 12 novels, behind bars for more than 1000 days and sentenced to life in prison.

Did you know that more than 30,000 people are prisoners of conscience in TURKEY? 

Can you imagine being one of the women among thousands of prisoners of conscience in Turkey, 864 of them with young children and babies? 

Do you realize the catastrophic consequences of 160,000 individuals being dismissed from their places of employment and/or detained by the Turkish government? 

There are no words to express the pain of more than 2,000 victims that have faced torture and maltreatment.  Gokhan Acikkollu, a Teacher fired from one of the closed educational institutions, now dead at the hands of Torture.  

Advocates of Silenced Turkey (AST) has been actively involved in making a difference in people’s lives.  All this could not have been done without your continuous and generous support. 

With your help, AST volunteers will collaborate to hold vigils and peaceful protests; publish reports; create English booklets about those who have passed away; organize lectures, panels, and conferences; produce podcasts and new videos to share the stories of the voiceless. 

AST Stands Up to report, document, and TAKE ACTION to stop human rights violations in Turkey.  Will you? 

AST: A VOICE FOR FREEDOM AND HUMAN RIGHTS, give your support to a cause that matters.

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