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Why Give to Adler Graduate School?

Adler Graduate School contributes to the world not only through the far-reaching ripple-effect work of the empathetic, compassionate therapists we graduate, but also through the work we do at the school and in communities, including cutting-edge psychology and counseling academic development, free and low-cost community projects, and the recruitment of and scholarships for future mental health professionals.  

Your support will enable us to train the next generation of mental health professionals in the Adlerian strengths-based approach, helping individuals to discover their ability to cooperate, collaborate, and contribute to the community. Social interest, rather than self-interest, promotes a healthy lifestyle and a healthier world. 

Your gift will ensure Adler provides this unique educational experience for future generations.

Founders Spirit Fund -Honoring the Visionaries of Adler Graduate School

The Founders Spirit Fund at Adler Graduate School is a tribute to the visionary founders who, in 1967, built the institution on the pillars of Adlerian psychology and social change.  This fund not only symbolizes their lasting impact on counseling in Minnesota and beyond, but also champions the next wave of mental health professionals who reflect the Adlerian tenets of empathy, equality, and community.   Actively supporting faculty growth, scholarship, and community outreach programs, the fund ensures Adler Graduate School’s stability, longevity, and continued relevance and service in the field and to the communities our graduates serve, ensuring the legacy of the founders for years to come.


Social Interest in Action Fund - Creative Innovation in Mental Health

In a world constantly reshaped by cultural and societal shifts, the fund emphasizes innovative Adlerian-inspired solutions to address contemporary challenges. Supporting programming and community engagement projects that not only respond to the emerging cultural and societal shifts but also empower mental health professionals to adapt and thrive in this dynamic landscape. With AGS's advanced online programs, we extend training to therapists who serve rural and remote areas, profoundly impacting these communities. By endorsing such forward-thinking projects, we prepare quality mental health professionals to serve all types of communities, anywhere, ensuring communities adapt, flourish, and prosper.

I.D.E.A. Diversity Scholarship Fund - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (I.D.E.A.) Scholarship Fund  

The I.D.E.A. Diversity Scholarship Fund at Adler Graduate School underscores our dedication to inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Aimed at aiding individuals from marginalized groups achieve their professional goals, it enriches learning while simultaneously enhancing diversity in mental health fields. Along with financial support, this fund champions those with firsthand experiences of marginalization, by supporting dedicated mentorship and fostering a community committed to societal justice. As we support these changemakers, we pave the way for a world anchored in understanding, empathy, and social justice. 

Capital Improvement/Building Fund

The Capital Improvement/Building Fund supports ongoing capital improvements to Adler Graduate School’s physical facility and technology, and contributes to accelerating retiring the mortgage to our Minnetonka campus.

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