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Who We Are

Since 1967, Adler Graduate School (AGS) has taken  the ideas of Individual Psychology by Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology and applied them to families teachers and community members, with a goal to inspire healthy change, and contribute to making the world a better place. Today we offer offer a Master of Art Degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy with concentrations in Counseling: clinical mental health, marriage couples and family counseling, co-occurring and  addiction counseling; school counseling, art therapy, for mental health counselors.  In addition a Master of Arts Degree in Applied Adlerian Psychology in Leadership, led by experienced practitioners to educate and place aspiring mental health and human service professionals in the diverse communities they service.  Making the world a better place.

What Makes Us Unique

We take an Adlerian approach to counseling and psychotherapy and leadership - meaning that we believe a  healthy life is derived from the ability to cooperate, collaborate, and contribute to the community.  Social Interest, rather than self-interest, promotes a healthy lifestyle and a healthier world. 

Where Your Support Will Go:

Adlerian Educational Innovation and Academic Excellence Fund

This fund supports educational innovation and academic excellence. This  might include: innovation in online education and technology,  tele-counseling, supervised mental health services in communities of need, or an Adlerian Scholar in Residence.

Social Interest, Student  Scholarship  and Community Fund  

This fund supports AGS students who have financial needs for degree completion,  receive tuition scholarship discounts with our community partners or who plan on long-term community service as a role in their career. It also is used to support our students who might be experiencing a financial crises in their lives, to help pay for a bus pass, pay an electric bill or support with a food voucher.

Capital Improvement/Building Fund 

A fund to support the ongoing improvement of the physical facility creating an Adlerian Center, open to scholarship, networking and education,  at 10225 Yellow Circle Drive Minnetonka Minnesota 55343.

President's Discretionary Fund

A fund to support the ongoing needs of Adler Graduate School as determined by the President.

Family Counseling Fund

MIM Pew Family Counseling in Community of Need

Supports the delivery of family counseling by interns in community of needs.  Supervision by licensed Adlerian Counselor Educators.

Open Donation Fund

 A fund to support the expansion and continuous improvement of Adler Graduate School.

A healthy world is a better world. Mental health and sound leadership matters, donate today!


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