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Adapta serves individuals with brain injuries, mental health conditions, and substance use disorders, in addition to a variety of other health concerns in the Rochester, Minnesota community by providing housing and support services.   

We provide services to individuals living with brain injuries, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, substance use disorder, depression, and/or anxiety. Many of our clients have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives.  Our clients come from varied backgrounds, referred from county social workers, health facilities, community behavioral health hospitals, intensive residential treatment services, and chemical dependency treatment centers.     

 Our individualized services allow people to live in a supportive environment while having access to the community and resources.  We have been successful in preventing individuals from requiring a more restrictive living environment at a much more cost-effective rate.  Adapta strongly believes individuals do best when they are heard and have choices in their living environment.  Our agency is a licensed Home and Community Based Services provider, which allows us to provide services in a variety of locations and ways, including residential homes, dorm-like settings, and community-based independent living skills programs.  Adapta has emerged as a leader in community integration as our unique design allows for multiple group and individual outings per day.    

 Adapta is unique; there are no other agencies like ours in the Rochester, Minnesota community, even throughout the entire state.  Other agencies serve individuals with brain injuries, mental health conditions, and substance abuse disorders, but we are unique in our housing arrangements and community integration opportunities.  


Adapta’s story began in 1997 under the name “Wing House Corporation”, which provided specialized housing for individuals living with brain injuries.  Throughout the years, our organization recognized many of our clients were experiencing not only symptoms of their brain injury, but also ongoing mental health and/or substance use disorders.  Under new leadership in 2018, our organization changed its name and updated its mission statement to reflect those we were actually serving.  At this time, Adapta leadership also recognized the need for expanded services and thus made a strategic decision to offer increased service options as well.  Our organization continues on this planned growth trajectory.


Through its licensing, Adapta operates three residential living properties in Rochester, Minnesota offering person-centered services and benefits, staffed 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.  Folwell Flats is an 18-bed assisted living facility, and the Manor House and Judd House are single family homes providing intensive support services with a total of eight (8) beds.  Adapta also offers independent living skills training to clients throughout the community.   In total, our organization currently serves approximately 40 individuals:  26 in our residential settings, and 12-14 others through intensive support services out in the community.   

Adapta offers experienced, trained, and knowledgeable staff on-site, including a registered nurse, social worker, and community integration coordinator.  Case coordination, medication management, and regular psychological services are provided.   We believe strongly in individualized goals and programming that address emotional, behavioral, chemical, and physical health, recreational activities and programs, and monthly music, art, and pet therapy.  Basic living skills, such as money management, are also offered.   Coordination and transportation with community resources, local employers, and day treatment programs/AA meetings, as well as individual and large group community outings, are fundamental amongst our programming.   


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