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Imagine ...a community where all people live with dignity, security and justice. ...a community where you are just as special and the next person. ...a community where everyone has gifts to share with their neighbor. ...a community where we give and receive freely, without judgment or expecting repayment ...a community that follows Christ’s teaching….”Whatever you did for the least of these you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40) How can you live out your faith through action today that will lead to change tomorrow? Just as a stone tossed into water sends forth ripples, a passion, in action, sends forth ripples of change. How can YOU use your passion to promote social and economic justice? WELL....What’s Your Passion… Mike’s passion is politics. He uses his gift to advocate with ACT at the State Legislature, addressing the issues that affect the poor. Ruth’s passion is young children. She uses her gift to serve as a key advocate, to keep her congregation informed on children’s issues. Niki’s passion is jr./sr. high youth. She uses her gift to work with ACT to create a youth theater project addressing social issues for teenagers.

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Action Through Churches Together

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PO BOX 247
GRAND RAPIDS, MN 55744-0247

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