Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School

¡Sí se puede! Join us in supporting innovative, bilingual and bi-cultural education in Prekindergarten through 6th grade.

Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School
...proudly takes it's motto ¡Sí, se puede! from our namesake, labor organizer Cesar Chavez.  Based on high values, we work closely with parents to develop scholars who embrace hard work, respect, unity, and family in realizing their dreams.  

Approaching our 15th year as a school, we are realizing our vision of an "educational center" that serves our students, families and the community.  Our student population will increase from 390 to eventually 450 with space provided in the new facility.  This will include extension to 7th and 8th grades.  Parent educational programs and community educational programs will be expanded.  With the generosity of you the people in the community, we will provide a greater offering of innovative programs and services that close educational gaps and improve the well-being of students and their families.     ¡Gracias por todo!

Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School new facilities needs list:

Gymnasium:  student half wall lockers; divider curtain; 6 ceiling mounted basketball hoops & backboards; 2 sets of roll out bleacher seating

Science Lab Classrooms:  Lab tables with student stations; student lab stools; lab equipment - flasks; scales; burners; aprons; eye protection

Together -  ¡Sí, se puede!

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