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ARC is a voice of inspiration across the metro area. We speak to 18,000 students a year on how choosing abstinence can benefit their lives

1 million girls under the age of 20 will become pregnant this year, and 1 in 4 sexually active teens will get an STD. In a world of broken hearts and broken marriages who will tell teens the truth? The Abstinence Resource Center is a voice of truth and an inspiration to students in schools and churches across the metro area. Our energetic speakers presented a message to over 18,000 youth last year about how choosing abstinence can benefit their lives. We have been providing public and private schools, and community organizations with dynamic speakers for over 20 years. We speak on how to deal with todayÕs outside pressures and teach youth about how to be truly safe by choosing abstinence. Our speakers share real life stories as well as current facts and stats. The ARC is a powerful program and the only one in the metro area of its kind, but in order for this program to continue during this critical time, we need your help! Please consider partnering with us to continue the impact of the Abstinence Resource Center. www.AbstinenceResourceCenter.org We believe teens are valuable and fully capable of making a decision to choose abstinence. This decision will help them have the ability to achieve their goals, be free from STDs, unplanned pregnancy, broken hearts, and to experience healthy relationships both now and in the future. Each year we speak to over 18,000 students in over 50 schools throughout the Minnesota metro area. WeÕd love to share this unique approach to the topic of abstinence with your students. HereÕs what some students said after hearing an ARC presentation: ÒShe was a good speaker and I enjoyed it, it also helped me figure out what I wanted and I want to wait.Ó High School Student ÒThe guest speaker was beyond excellent. The message was loud and clear.Ó Female, 15 ÒBest school speaker IÕve ever had to speak to my class.Ó Female, 16

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