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Abortion Care Network (ACN) is the national association for independent, community-based abortion care providers and their allies. Independent abortion providers care for the majority of people seeking abortion in the U.S. – often serving individuals and families with the fewest resources and in the most rural parts of our nation. Together we work to ensure the rights of all people to experience respectful, dignified abortion care.

Indies are located in communities across the US; they are often the only clinics serving entire states or regions -- especially in the south, midwest, rural areas, and parts of the country most politically hostile to abortion access. Huge portions of the United States rely on independent abortion clinics for care -- and that becomes increasingly true the further a person gets into pregnancy. Because they are independent and community-based, indies are able to respond to community needs by adding or adapting services to center the unique needs of their patients and those not being served in their city or region. 

What's more- these clinics are the ones fighting for abortion rights in courts across the nation; including the current Supreme Court cases out of Texas and Mississippi. Indie clinics are strong, resilient, and responsive; and they need your support. 

Abortion Care Network exists to address the unique obstacles faced by independent abortion care providers and the communities they serve. With your support, we can keep clinics open and providing exceptional care! 

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