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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote further pediatric heart research and compassionate care for children and families dealing with congenital heart defects. We will work to raise awareness, funds and support for families of children who are hospitalized long-term for congenital heart defects and related issues.

Our Reason

Simply put our daughter Charlotte Ava – “Charlie Girl”

We believe that she lived for a purpose. Strength, peace, compassion, generosity and love are the lights that she shined in her life and through her illness. Now, after her death, we want to reflect those lights and make them grow. 

The intent of this foundation is to support families like ours:

  • Through the generous donations of others financially supporting children and families faced with the challenges of congenital heart defects
  • By inspiring peace during adversity and compassion during hardship through our words, and acts of service to children and families dealing with congenital heart defects
  • And by showing love and strength to the children and families fighting heart disease while we raise awareness and support for research-based solutions for congenital heart defects

Our Hope

Per the CDC – Congenital Heart Defects affect nearly 1% of births each year and 25% of the babies born with CHD have critical cases and will require surgery within the first year of life. We know by experience this can cause a great emotional, physical and financial strain on families. It is our hope to step in and support these children and families at such a critical time

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