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Our mission is to bridge the healthcare gaps in underserved communities by aligning services, providing critical resources, health education, and culturally competent care. We partner with healthcare and educational institutions to foster learning environments for professional growth.

Our vision is to create a globally recognized model, which will foster socially conscious and culturally competent healthcare providers. We overcome barriers to equitable care, by delivering dignified, respectful, and quality care to vulnerable populations.

612 MASH was created during the uprising and protests following the public lynching of George “Perry” Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A group of medical professionals and community members were drawn together in the immediate aftermath to provide and coordinate free medical care to those that were injured and traumatized.  Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, street medics, and many other types of medical professionals joined forces to create 612 MASH Inc (Minneapolis All Shall Heal) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  The original focus was emergent care for community members and visitors that gathered at the space from all over the world. We saw everything from minor injuries to serious injuries such as gunshot wounds, lacerations, anaphylaxis, etc. From the very beginning, it was clear the community had a profound, unmet need for free, equitable, and culturally competent health care that understood and validated the current and historical trauma of our diverse patients. 

The needs of the community have since transitioned to preventative care, health promotion, and health education.  Local healthcare organizations recognized the important work of 612 MASH as a community partner and have donated supplies, equipment, volunteers and money.  At 730 East 38th Street, Suite 100, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407, 612 MASH is located within the boundaries of the George Floyd Memorial. We are opening a free community clinic in order to bridge those gaps within our healthcare system. All over the country, clinics are overwhelmed with patients and unable to always provide the care our diverse patients need. 612 MASH is trusted by the community, because we were there when the community really needed us regardless of the time or place.  We provide something unique that most clinics do not provide. Our staff is diverse, like the community we serve, we are culturally competent, our services are free, and our nurses will not only assess, triage and coordinate care over the phone, but they also go into the community, to the patient, to help meet their individual needs.

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