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In September, we'll be releasing our GTMD24 training materials on this page.

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GiveMN Guide to Mastering Fundraising Campaigns

Until we release our additional training materials, you may always use this workbook to help you plan your next campaign—whether that's Give to the Max or something beforehand!

This self-guided workbook was built to help nonprofits and schools plan fundraising campaigns any time of the year! Mark off some quiet time on your calendar for yourself or with colleagues to brainstorm your next campaign through the modules of this fillable PDF which includes many of the fundraising basics to set you up for success. Download the workbook.

Modules include:
     - Identifying your audience
     - Building a story with an answer 
     - Setting a goal
     - Considering a matching gift
     - Identifying your core supporters
     - Building your team
     - Preparing your communications plan
     - Making an appreciation plan
     - Sketching out your full campaign plan
     - Taking care of yourself and your team

Download the workbook.

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