Unlock your generosity superpower this Give to the Max Day!

Give to the Max Day is Minnesota’s annual giving holiday where people from all around the world answer the call to support and celebrate the nonprofits and schools that make our state a better place to work, live and play.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2023, Give to the Max Day (GTMD) has helped raise nearly $300 million since 2009 thanks to the generosity of hundreds of thousands of donors who give generously as part of this campaign.

Whether it’s your first time or your 100th time making a GTMD donation, we appreciate you for investing in the causes that strengthen our communities, open doors to opportunities, and help our state thrive. Your donations hold the power to make real and lasting change. By choosing to participate in Give to the Max Day, you are exercising your greatest superpower: generosity. 

Keep reading to learn more about how you can get involved during GTMD23!


Step One: Find your passion

There are tens of thousands of incredible nonprofits and schools on GiveMN.org for you to support! 

From animal rescues to food pantries, environmental conservation to youth programs and beyond, there are multiple impactful causes to support as they work to advance the things you care about most. Consider the following when deciding which organizations to support during GTMD23.

1. Is there an organization you’ve worked with in the past? Or perhaps you, your friends or family have benefited from the services they provide. Share your gratitude by making a donation! 

2. What causes are doing work in areas that feel strongly about, or that match your values? Try filtering your search by category to view organizations by the type of work they do.

3. Is there an organization located near you that you’d like to support? You can also filter your search by location at GiveMN.org/search to view causes near and far! 

4. If you live in the Twin Cities metro, consider expanding your giving to support organizations in areas of Greater Minnesota near and dear to your heart. Research shows that these areas, especially rural communities, receive a disproportionate level of funding and support than urban and suburban areas, and a statewide giving day like Give to the Max is a great time to support organizations that are working to help our rural communities thrive. Use the location and/or keyword search to find causes across the state.

5. Search for and support BIPOC-led, BIPOC-serving, and LGBTQ+ serving organizations. Research shows that organizations led by or serving Black communities, Indigenous communities, or communities of color receive less funding than when compared with nonprofit organizations at large. Additionally, organizations that primarily support LGTBQ+ communities experience measurable disparities in funding. That’s why GiveMN offers search filters for BIPOC-led, BIPOC-serving, and LGBTQ+ serving organizations—to bring awareness to these historically marginalized causes.

Use these search features to help narrow your search!

No matter which causes you choose to support during GTMD23, your giving matters and makes a lasting impact on the organizations that receive your gift. Thank you for being part of Minnesota’s legacy of generosity! 

 Start your search here!

Step Two: Create a free donor account

Creating your free GiveMN.org account opens a world of possibilities to unlock your generosity.

While you aren’t required to create an account to make a donation, here are some key reasons to create your account and make GiveMN.org your generosity hub year-round.

  1. Tracking your giving. When you are logged in to your account, you can track all the donations you make through GiveMN.org. It also makes renewing your donations to your favorite causes easy, with just a few clicks to give again. Pro tip: when tax season rolls around, you’ll have all your donation records in one place! 
  2. Efficiency. You can give to multiple causes at the same time on GiveMN.org, which includes tens of thousands of nonprofits and schools in every Minnesota community. By adding donations to your generosity cart, you can check out with one simple process instead of visiting multiple websites. 
  3. Managing your information and privacy. Creating a GiveMN.org account also allows you to save payment methods, so future giving is as simple as a single click! And GiveMN takes privacy seriously—we never sell or share any information about our users. 
  4. Organizing your monthly giving. You can also create and manage monthly donations through GiveMN.org to the causes near and dear to your heart. Not only can you start and stop monthly contributions, but you can also update your payment method and customize your donation amount. 

Log in or create your free GiveMN.org account to track your generosity, manage your giving, and get started on your donation journey for GTMD23.

Step Three: Start a "subscription for good"

One of the easiest ways to make a huge difference for your favorite nonprofit or school is to make a monthly donation!

Think of the subscriptions you pay monthly to access things like entertainment, services, food delivery, and more. By donating monthly to your favorite causes, you are subscribing to good, impactful things taking place in communities all across Minnesota! 

Monthly donations also help provide a predictable source of revenue, especially for small and medium-sized organizations that might have only one or two fundraising campaigns per year. Your monthly donation helps organizations be more sustainable and stable all year long!

To create a monthly gift, find the page of the organization you wish to support and click Donate. Then, select the option to make a "Monthly Donation" and enter how much you would like to donate each month.

Reminder: With your free GiveMN.org account, you can update or change your monthly giving anytime! Got a new credit card? No problem. Just update the credit card number saved in your account and voila—all your monthly donations are automatically updated at the same time! 

Level Up: Go the extra mile!

There are so many ways to participate in Give to the Max Day! As you consider which causes to support, here are some bonus ways to spread generosity across our state.

1. Give again to the causes you’ve supported in the past! Your ongoing support of the organizations that matter most to you is so important. Your donation helps nonprofits sustain their missions and continue to do good work.

2. Create a fundraiser for your favorite causes! Did you know that in addition to donating to organizations you can also fundraise on their behalf right from your couch? Creating a fundraiser for your favorite cause is an incredible way to spread the word about the good work they do. By getting your friends and family involved in the joy of giving, you can have a huge impact on the nonprofits and schools that mean the most to you!  Get started by creating a fundraiser page today!

3. Share the gift of generosity with a GiveMN Giving Card! When you send a digital giving card to your friends, family, or colleagues, they’ll be able to make a donation to their favorite cause any time of the year thanks to your generosity. Learn more and share your generosity with others.

4. Generosity comes in many forms. There are so many ways to show your support for an organization! We’d encourage you to consider things like volunteer opportunities, non-financial donations like clothes or food, sending an encouraging message, and so much more. Every act of generosity counts when it comes to making our communities more resilient and helping Minnesota thrive. However you choose to participate in Give to the Max, your participation matters. 

Have questions? We're here for you!

Above all, our team is here to help make your giving experience fun, easy, and successful!

If you need any assistance, please email help@givemn.org and our team will work to respond to your question as quickly as possible! The Help Team will be observing extended hours during the week of Give to the Max Day, including 24-hour coverage on November 16.

On behalf of the thousands of nonprofits and schools participating in GTMD23, thank you for your generosity!


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