The PresiDensity Project (2017) Melissa Birch
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Melissa raising money for Springboard for the Arts

The PresiDensity Project is a four-year Artist Residency, hosted and directed by Melissa Birch

Your generous support is needed to fund this 4 year project! The first segment of The PresiDensity Project: The Personal, is an immersive series of performance laboratories, taught/facilitated by Melissa Birch.

The Personal will orient participants' research toward a personal politic, then present the collaboration in live performance events. 



You? Several artists from past productions are committed. An open call and invite period will follow funding. Interdisciplinary artists who investigate their own practice of visual art, photography, choreography, music, puppetry, etc. will be encouraged to inquire.

As a donor, you'll be invited to help shape the process as an online participant. You’ll engage with the process and with the artists whose work and enthusiasm comprise The Personal. (Yes, it is possible to donate anonymously and still receive the perks of donorship. Just choose 'anonymous' on the donation form.)


We can't do it without You! We don't want to. What role do you want to play? Practicing artist? Silent sponsor? 

Donate rehearsal space and watch the action for free. You want to be in that room.

Since 2013, Melissa Birch has 
been formally examining the link between social subsets and creativity in studio environments and in live productions, testing the theory that social systems naturally orient toward higher functioning capabilities in order to evolve and grow. In 2017, new theories will orient the research, inspired in part from the current political climate, via embodied, transformational performance practice.

Melissa's performance practices have fomented audacious actions, personal liberations and minor mayhem in Minneapolis, Madison, New York and abroad. Most recently:

— You Were Once Wild Here, 2016, Director, 2016 BareBones Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza
— Who Moved My Child, 2016, Director/Playwright/Performer, presented by Right Here Showcase
— Flying Nuns, 2013-14, Director/Performer, Minneapolis venues
— Post Post, 2013, Director/Performer, presented by Bedlam Theatre/10 Minute Play Festival 
— War Queer Peace Solo, 2011-12, Performer, Minnesota + Colorado venues; Berlin, Ponderosa Artist-In-Residence
— Places, 2010, Playwright/Director, presented by Workhorse/Soap Factory
— Undying Regrets for the Future, 2009, Director/Performer, presented by Open Eye Figure Theater/New Works-In-Progress

Thank you for your support! Please watch this space for future developments.


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