Water Bar & Public Studio


Serve water & community, help to complete the buildout of Water Bar & Public Studio in Minneapolis

We Serve Water + Creative Community

Now more than ever, we need welcoming creative spaces where people from different backgrounds, places, and sectors can come together to build awareness, empathy, and collective action for a more equitable and sustainable environment. 

Water Bar & Public Studio (http://www.water-bar.org/) is a bar that serves free tap water from communities across Minnesota. It is also a welcoming and inclusive art space, a hub for popular science and environment education, and an incubator of collaborative projects on water and the many ways it connects and sustains us.

We Need Your Help To Keep Water Bar Afloat in 2017

Water Bar & Public Studio is funded 100% by contributions from our community and creative services (http://www.water-bar.org/services-front). When you give to Water Bar or hire our Water Bar pop-up for your event, you are sustaining an emergent space and network for water advocacy, innovative public art, and community-building in Northeast Minneapolis and across Minnesota.

With our current fundraising campaign, we are focused on critical work we need to do in our space to get our full restaurant license, including a new dishwashing station and storefront signage. 

Our partners at the Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association (www.hnia.org) are fiscally sponsoring this fundraiser and the larger "NE Art & Sustainability Incubator" project (http://www.water-bar.org/northeast-incubator), so your contributions via GiveMN or a check to HNIA are tax-deductible!

Why This Is Critical Now

As a volunteer-run social impact organization, we rely on investments large and small to sustain our space on Central Avenue as we build sustainable programs and partnerships. Our goals for early 2017: Gather momentum, buildout our storefront, and launch regular taproom hours early in the new year. 

In the meantime, we will continue to offer our space as an accessible hub for community events and programs, including an expanded Water Tender education and engagement network; As well as our Water Bar pop-ups around the state, and other collaborations.

What is Water Bar & Public Studio?

  • a bar
  • a gathering space
  • a community arts center
  • an environmental education hub
  • an incubator for art-science-community collaborations

What does Water Bar & Public Studio Support?

  • artistic development
  • locally-relevant science and environment education
  • experiments in public engagement
  • scientific research and communication
  • relationship-building across professional and cultural communities
  • the reciprocal sharing of personal and cultural stories and traditions related to water

In its simplest form, Water Bar is a place to share a drink. It is also a visible public reminder that water is at the center of our lives and communities, an accessible entry point to conversations about the importance of water and other environmental issues, and a bridge between local knowledge, scientific research, and broadly-defined artistic and design practices.


Water Bar began as an artist-led project with a simple goal: Serve tap water (for free) to people in our community, and in the process, encourage them to slow down, to consider the precious source of their drinking water, and to share stories about the many ways water matters to their lives and the places they love. Through storytelling, resource-sharing, and creative collaboration, we are nurturing collective creative action, civic participation, and a new water ethic for the state of Minnesota.

Our Model

We are a social impact collaborative that is supported through strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations, local businesses, and public entities.

Donations in any amount are critical to fully launching this project! Our business plan and collaborative framework is based in service to people and environment and supported by a board of community advisors, which we're happy to share with anyone who is interested in learning more about our unique model, or our dreams for the future. 

Say Hello!

Water Bar & Public Studio

2516 Central Ave Northeast

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418


(612) 236-4342

If you'd like to donate, but bypass the fees incurred through this platform:

Checks can be made directly to:

Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association (write Water Bar on the memo line)

1900 Central Ave NE #108

Minneapolis, MN 55418

(612) 781 - 2299

You Can Also Be a Fundraiser

Passionate about what we do? Help us do even more! Set up an individual fundraising page. Then mobilize your friends, family and co-workers to support us. It’s easy to set goals and track progress.
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