Impossible Salt
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Emilia raising money for Springboard for the Arts

Experience unexpected possibilites.

Impossible Salt tells stories to make us thirst for the truth behind the fantastical. We believe that timeless truths are often clad in the absurd, so when we see the impossible—giants, girls born riding goats—we drop to our knees and sink our hands in. Using physical and musical improvisation to explore folk tales, we dig into ancient stories whose hallmarks are echoed in cultures around the world, and we unfurl ancient songs worn smooth by generations of voices. Wielding our bold and subtle theatrical language, we create gentle, beautiful, rare new work.

This incredible team of collaborators brings together a diverse background of high-level training in classical music, improv, theatre, folk music, and clowning. Through the use of Viewpoints, organic improv, and musical exploration, Impossible Salt has created a bold and subtle new theatrical language that uses words, sets, props, and costumes sparingly and effectively. This fiercely talented ensemble digs deep into their voices, bodies, and imaginations to create gentle, beautiful, rare new work.

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