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(A fiscally sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts. To give to Springboard:


Schoolhaus (and the 'Schoolhaus / A4' program) is an interdisciplinary experiment in non-institutional art education. Through free-of-charge intensives, small-scale social classrooms, real-world project-based goals, self-directed outcomes, one-on-one mentorship — and a multitude of other hyphenated attributes — we strive to produce a learning experience that is as creative, responsive, and human, as the act of making art itself.

Summer of 2014 brought about our first Schoolhaus / A4 session, offered to 11 members free-of-charge through the generous donations to our Kickstarter campaign ( The A4 session specifically focused on the shared printmaking and publishing disciplines of co-directors Dan Ibarra and Zak Sally. Members met twice-weekly, visually responding to in-class discussions of topics ranging from screenprinting and Risography, to typography and the creative process. As a final stage in the program, all members contributed art and design work to a published folio outcome (still in production at this moment) which serves to represent each members' contribution, while also 'paying forward' to subsidize educational costs for future members, yet unknown.

The session was an overwhelming success and a confirmation for us that this Schoolhaus / A4 program was a realistic vision. In order to better understand what it feels like to attend Schoolhaus, here are a few testimonials from our Schoolhaus / A4 members:

“I leave every class so energized and full of creative power, I go home and anything I touch turns into something amazing. And at the same time, it’s overwhelming. It’s kind of like opening Pandora’s box, in a wonderful and terrifying way.”

“This is the design class I never had the chance to take. It’s impacted me paramountly, even outside of art; raising questions like ‘what is art?’ and ‘what is this place that we are creating from?”

“The collaborative aspect was important, so important. I don’t think I ever thought about that until I took this course.”

“I really would like to see more programs like this in the future. This has really changed my ideas, my mind, my whole reference point as to why I create art and why it’s important to me.”


Given the success of our first A4 session, we plan on offering our A4 program again as soon as there is funding available, in order to keep the program free-of-charge. Each program requires roughly $12,000 to fund a single 12 week, 12 member session. Moving forward, as the community grows, and as funding grows, our future goals for Schoolhaus are to invite other professionals and educators into the program to contribute more courses and dynamic curriculum based on our growing collection of shared disciplines.

To find out more information, or even download one of our well-loved Schoolhaus applications, you can visit, or write us at

Thank you so much for your assistance!
Dan Ibarra & Zak Sally, Co-Directors
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