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Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Gadfly raising money for Springboard for the Arts

A fiscally sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts.

A fiscally sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts. To give to Springboard:

Gadfly Theatre Productions produces queer and feminist art that everyone can laugh, cry, and relate too. We are currently rocking our seventh season of highlighting stories and voices of LGBTQ+ people and marginalized women. So far this year we took you into the world of Dungeons and Dragons featuring queer youth, giant dragon puppets, and Qui Nguyen's beautiful script for She Kills Monsters. We then took you to Phoenix, AZ where teen homelessness and the issues facing LGBTQ+ youth are rampant for Tira Palmquist's And Then They Fell that also featured a touch of dark whimsy. The Sexual Violence Center and Avenues for Homeless Youth provided crucial info for that show including resources on where to go for help. We've had two amazing Drunk Queer History events where we learned about Sylvia Rivera's post-Stonewall work, ball culture, and saw local poetry star and trans activist Andrea Jenkins vogue (among other things). We also added a new mainstay to our Drunk Queer History cycle: Sober Queer History, where we partnered with Out and Sober and learned about sex toys as well as had a personal story from noted dancer Anton LaMon.

In addition to our own work, our tenure at the Fox Egg Gallery has allowed us to work with queer open mic OutSpoken, Minneapolis' syndicate of the nationally recognized New Sh!t Show, and Patrick's Cabaret as they rebooted and re-branded their Raw Materials series. We've welcomed in student groups like Bloom Theatre to create their own work, and we've welcomed the World Crime League, Garlic Artists, and a wonderful group of dancers for crucial rehearsal space to create their own important work. Local emerging artist Ollie Schminkey held their visual art gallery show featuring trans voices and artists at our space too & our She Kills Monsters lighting designer even successfully sold his art during that show.

It'd be a shame for Gadfly to slow down now, and we're not planning too! We've got a beautiful season 8 in the works, and of course, we're not done this year. Our lauded one-act geek fest fitting our queer, feminist mission is coming to the space June 9-11th and 16-18th. We've got bisexual wolves, lesbian knights, and a feminist retelling of the Ramayana all in the works. Additionally, our space has some great artists counting on us to keep the Fox Egg going (though we may be rebranding it soon) so they can continue creating, organizing, making space, and making change. 

Your donation is critical at this time. We've seen one raise in our rent already and there's another on the way. We're working hard to increase visibility for our artists as well as increase their stipends and all of that requires contributions from the community that has kept us afloat all of these years. We're ready to root and make a home not just for Gadfly (although that too!) but for all of the other artists and community/activist groups we've had the pleasure getting to know this season. Money raised now goes to literally just two places:
1) Paying Final Frontier: Fairy Tale artists a fair wage for their hard, generous, queer-as-can-be work.
2) Keeping the Fox Egg Gallery not only thriving but full of art and community. We discount our already fair rental rates for queer people, POC, and marginalized women in need, but to continue doing that, we need help!

We are beyond ecstatic to create a space that produces passionately progressive work, and to create that work ourselves. Visit our website for more information about the festival and other pending events. Thank you in advance for your generous gift to this unique and radical theatre company.

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