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Fundraiser for Open Access Connections

Cheryl Speeter raising money for Open Access Connections

Help make sure that everyone has the communication tools to succeed!

It has been more than 12 years since I joined the board of this small but innovative nonprofit, and I have never been more proud to be a part of this organization as it continues to provide essential communications services to people in crisis.

The core service offered by Open Access is simple: free voice mail service for homeless and very low-income people with limited phone access. This is a vital communications link for those who are looking for housing, employment, safety from domestic abuse, health care, or other vital needs. Last year alone, we provided voice mail to service to over 2,800 people in Minnesota.  We now also distribute free cell phones to very low-income people through the federal Lifeline program.

But to me, what sets Open Access apart from other direct service agencies is the involvement of our service recipients. Individuals who are past and present users of our voice mail services sit on our board. We have a Grassroots Outreach team of formerly homeless people who have been trained to distribute voice mail and free cell phones at homeless shelters and other non-profit locations, as well as provide resources on housing, food, and clothing.  In 2015 our outreach team registered 199 homeless people in the 2015 St. Paul election, and we will be registering new voters for the November 2016 elections..

Also, thanks to a generous challenge grant, the Frey Family Foundation will match all first-time donations, first donations in more than 2 years, and donations that are 10% larger than your previous gift!

Thank you for your generous support. 

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