Leah knows that fundraising makes everything she cares about possible, which is why she’s beyond excited at the opportunity to coach Minnesota’s nonprofits on how to grow their giving through relationship-driven, authentic fundraising.

A native Duluthian, Leah’s been organizing money and people for 16 years. As the Leadership Giving Officer for Wellstone Action, she nearly tripled their major giving program, and in her nine years fundraising she’s raised millions of dollars for fantastic causes. Leah credits her success in fundraising to the skills she learned as a community organizer working on the environment, women's rights, and electoral politics.

Leah serves as an adjunct coach with our RaiseMN initiative, providing support and tailored fundraising coaching to small- to medium-sized nonprofits.  

When she’s not coaching, you can find Leah in her kitchen, covered head-to-toe in flour and blasting Modest Mouse and baking scones, cookies, cake, bread—basically anything that can be baked, really. Most of the time, you’ll also find her husband Terin and daughter Kit waiting patiently nearby for the baking timer to ding.

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