Remembering Daunte Wright

GiveMN Executive Director Jake Blumberg emailed our Minnesota community of philanthropy on April 13, 2021, with opportunities to put our collective generosity to action after Daunte Wright was killed by a Brooklyn Center police officer earlier that week.

Dear friend,

At GiveMN, we are grieving with the family and friends of Mr. Daunte Wright. As both a Minnesotan and as leader of GiveMN, I feel distraught and somewhat powerless as we mourn another Black person killed by police in our community. Our grief cannot cause us to look away from what is happening to our neighbors, and I'm writing today to offer opportunities to put your generosity to action, listed below.

First, for our neighbors who are Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color, we see the trauma this yet again collectively inflicts on you. Moreover, it is tragedy and trauma which has been compounded again and again over decades and centuries. We are so sorry, and we grieve your collective trauma during this time.

These words of grief may seem fleeting, but they are still as true today as they have been during the loss of each of the tragically growing list of people—particularly Black people—killed during police encounters in Minnesota and across the country in recent years. From Philando Castille to George Floyd to Jamar Clark and now Daunte Wright, we cannot deny the epidemic of police killings right here in our community. These Black men, and numerous others whom we have lost, were our neighbors and our friends. Quite simply, they should still be with us today, and we are lesser for the fact that they are not.

Second, at GiveMN, our mission is to grow giving for nonprofits and schools across the state of Minnesota. We know there is a measurable inequity in the funding of organizations led by BIPOC individuals.

We also know that the demographics of our email list closely reflects the demographics of Minnesotans, so there is a strong likelihood that many of you reading this are white. If that happens to be the case, I have a direct ask for you as a fellow white person. Please do not look away from what is happening in our communities. Please do not say this is not about you or us. Please join me in recognizing and acting on the significant work we have to do to make our communities as safe for our neighbors of color as they are for us.

One way to start is by supporting our communities through the options below:

Support the community directly impacted by this tragedy by browsing opportunities to put your generosity to action through a list curated by our partners at Sahan Journal, a nonprofit digital newsroom which provides reporting for and about immigrants and communities of color in Minnesota.


Donate to an organization you find through our curated search list of nonprofits and schools which have reported to us that they are led by a Black person, Indigenous person, or a person of color.


We have so much work to do, and I am grateful for your joining us in that collective work. May Mr. Wright’s memory forever be a blessing.


Jake Blumberg
Executive Director, GiveMN

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