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Help us build three more classrooms to finish our High School in Ghana.


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There's an enchanting melody in the heart of Zuarungu, Ghana—a melody crafted by the vibrant voices of students from the Word International School. As we stand amidst classrooms bustling with eager minds from grades 1 to 9, we're humbled, inspired, and charged with a renewed mission.

The journey so far has been nothing short of miraculous. And while these classroom walls stand as a testament to determination and collective action, our quest is only partially fulfilled.

Allow us to share the heartbeat behind this mission, a man named Peter Awane. His NGO radiates a commitment to spread the teachings and love of Christ through various avenues—preaching, radio ministry, and the empowering tool of education. Peter's creativity knows no bounds; his soulful compositions, harmoniously visualized through music videos by his gifted wife, Comfort, resonate globally. Their work is so impactful that national campaigns have showcased their music videos as symbols of hope amidst chaos.

Yet, there's a chapter still to be penned in this tale of transformation. Our dedicated students, primed to make the leap into higher education, eagerly await the completion of classrooms for grades 10 to 12. To transform this vision into reality, we're rallying support to raise $73,000. These three additional classrooms represent more than just brick and mortar—they are gateways to opportunity, ambition, and dreams realized.

Peter's vision spans across five acres, not merely as land but as a fertile ground for dreams, growth, and legacy. His aspiration is clear: a Christian education framework that offers not just knowledge but a pathway to prosperous living. ASON International is deeply committed to amplifying this cause. But we recognize that the real magic happens when visionaries like Peter partner with supporters like you.

We, at ASON International, cordially invite you to join hands with us in this noble endeavor. Your contribution, irrespective of its size, holds the potential to shape the future of countless bright minds. With your support, the Word International School will not merely be an educational institution, but a launchpad for countless dreams.

Let's come together, paving the way for a brighter, educated, and prosperous future.

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