Northfield Skateboard Coalition
Project for Northfield Healthy Community Initiative

Local youth have worked for eight years to bring a skateboard park to Northfield. Help complete the dream!

Since June 2006, the Northfield Skateboard Coalition has been working to create a permanent skateboard park in Northfield, and in 2013, the Coalition was recognized for its efforts with the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) “Making a Difference” Award. Throughout the long process of securing a site for a skateboard park, the skateboarders have been models of public engagement, attending numerous city meetings, respectfully advocating for their cause, and earning the respect of City officials and staff, neighbors of temporary skateboard parks, and members of the community at large.

Skateboarding provides young people with opportunities to participate in a demanding and rewarding physical activity, encourages healthy behaviors, and provides a sense of place and of belonging to a community. The need for a permanent skatepark in Northfield, and the sustained interest in constructing such a facility, has been well-documented. A skateboard park will provide a public place for skateboarders to practice their skills that is safer and less disruptive than on streets and sidewalks. A skateboard park will also serve the recreational needs of a population of youth not currently served by the City’s recreational facilities. Finally, a skateboard park will be a valuable investment in Northfield’s youth, and a recognition of the involvement of youth in the political process and in the larger process of building and strengthening our community.

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