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Supporting UTUE helps everyone learn how to change the fabric of humanity. When we all join together, the entire world benefits.

We invite you to share UTUE's passion – changing the world by changing the fabric of humanity - starting with YOU.

What are some of the major challenges facing the world today?

Looking at the hunger, disease, war, corruption and natural disasters, it is easy to become overwhelmed. The problems are easy to see and the challenge comes when the solutions seem overwhelming. We hear much talk about causes but are they really the root causes?

Understanding the true root cause.

We have all heard that the answers to life are within, to go inward, trust yourself, listen to your heart, and be true to yourself. But who helps you figure out how to do that? The true root cause for all that happens in our lives as individuals and the world as a whole starts at an energetic place within. This energetic place is called our essence (soul) and is unique to the individual.

Start with yourself.

It is clear to us at UTUE that in order to connect to and understand the root causes of the challenges in the world, it is imperative to connect to and understand your own challenges and the root causes of those challenges first. That’s why we work with individuals at the level of essence. Individual change that happens at the level of essence is connected to the fabric of humanity.

The fabric of humanity affects us all.

The fabric of humanity is an invisible connection that unites us. This fabric connects all of us. When change happens for one it affects the whole. We see that when one person overcomes a particular issue, the next person who has the same issue overcomes that issue in a way that is easier even thought they don’t know each other and come from different parts of the world. What is the explanation? We are all part of the fabric of humanity that connects us in an unconscious way. When one person finds their power, or learns how to love themselves, or overcomes hate and bitterness and many other profound changes that happen at the level of essence, it makes it easier for those who seek to do the same.

Does that mean that when I make a change at the level of essence I am helping others change?

Yes! When one of our students makes a change at the level of essence they are helping others who would follow in their path. When a woman learns to stand up for herself (at the level of essence) in a suburb in the Midwest, that information or knowing is posted within the fabric of humanity. So when another woman struggles to find her power at the level of essence, it’s available to her because she is connected to this same fabric. Just by working on yourself at the level of essence you can change the world because you connect with the fabric of humanity. This is real, permanent, lasting change.

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