2016 GiveMN Road Show

Give to the Max Day  November 12 2015

We hit the road in September with our Give to the Max Day training workshops to help your organization prepare for Give to the Max Day and beyond! And although our training sessions are over, no worries! Check out our resources below.

View an on-demand version of the webinar we presented in September to learn more about Give to the Max Day, including strategies your organization can maximize to take advantage of the giving day!

Download the 15 Point Inspection handout to identify areas you can strengthen your profile to take full advantage of tools available on GiveMN.org.

Download our PowerPoint training presentation for a reminder of what was discussed. 

September 6
9a - 11a | Downtown Saint Paul
1p - 3p | Downtown Saint Paul

September 7
9a - 11a | Northeast Minneapolis
1p - 3p | East Saint Paul

September 8
9a - 11a | Northfield
9a - 11a | Downtown Minneapolis
1p - 3p | Eden Prairie

September 9
9a - 11a | North Minneapolis

September 12
9a - 11a | Winona
1p - 3p | Pequot Lakes
1p - 3p | Rochester

September 13
9a - 11a | Plymouth
1p - 3p | Bemidji
1p - 3p | South Minneapolis
1p - 3p | Mankato

September 14 
9:30a - 11:30a | Grand Rapids
2p - 4p | Duluth

September 15
10:30a - 12:30a | Online webinar session!
Note: This webinar will be available on-demand soon after it is complete.

September 19 
1p - 3p | Saint Cloud
1p - 3p | Midway Saint Paul

September 20
1p - 3p | Fergus Falls
1p - 3p | West Saint Paul

September 21 
1p - 3p | Marshall
1p - 3p | Stillwater

September 30
9a - 11a | Downtown Saint Paul

Training FAQs

What will we be talking about?
- What you need to know about Give to the Max Day
- Incentive prizes
- Strategies for creating successful giving day campaigns
- Give to the Max Day success stories
- How to plug into our statewide campaign

We will also have time reserved for discussion and Q&A. WiFi will be available, so bring your laptops and tablets if you'd like, though they are not required for training.

Do I need to know anything about my GiveMN page beforehand?
Nope! Do you know what your organization does in the community, why that's important, and how important donor support is for your work? That's all you need to know!

Do I need to bring a laptop or tablet?
You don't need to be one, but you may find it helpful! A pad of paper might be handy for note-taking. If you don't bring your computer, no worries—our team will have a computer or two so we can look at your page together if you have questions.

Who is presenting?
Members from our small but mighty GiveMN team will be on hand to lead the session, but we're also hoping to hear from many of you about your successful Give to the Max Day strategies. We look forward to meeting you!

Do I need access to the GiveMN Administrative Area?
That would be super helpful! If you don't already have access to the Admin Area, complete the form found at GiveMN.org/MyOrg and we'll get your access set up before you arrive.

What about directions and parking?
The training location is noted on the registration page and can be found through online mapping services. Parking is available near the training location, though we encourage you to use public transit options whenever possible!

Will the presentation and handouts be available after the training?
We will have a small handout available with the highlights of the presentation so you can focus on interacting with our team and your peers rather than taking a bunch of notes. All of the information we will share—and more—will be accessible through the GiveMN Resources area!

What should I wear?
Yes, we really do get 'dress code' questions. There is no dress code. Though wearing GiveMN green might get you called on for the first question! 

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