Skylark Opera

Skylark Opera Theatre is committed to offering traditional & new repertoire with a modernized twist in cutting edge & site specific venues.

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Skylark Opera Theatre 2017

At long last we are please to share our spectacular upcoming season. Think anything that is carefully curated. Art, fashion, music. That’s what we are all about. A season that is pondered, nurtured, brought to life. The very definition of curated.

Our first production: The Tragedy of Carmen, in February 2017, was met by resounding reviews and sold out crowds. Skylark Opera Theatre is back - bold and unique with an up-close look and reimagined works. This adaptation by Peter Brook of George Bizet's Carmen utilized only six singer/actors, stripped down, bare-bones, it created an unconventional hybrid where music and words are equal partners. It attracted not only the opera fan, but the theater-goer as well.

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