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The Welcome Place is founded on the Christian principal that we are to love God and our neighbors as ourselves and it’s with this foundation that we continue to serve our community. In this time of uncertainty and COVID-19 restrictions like social distancing, we have adjusted our method of service much like many other organizations.  

 We are proud to have Dawn Finn, our Certified Family Development Specialist and Instructor, available to serve community members with their personal and family challenges.  She has the knowledge and skills to help address practical problems and assist with setting measurable goals. She is providing counseling sessions by appointment only and these are being conducted via Zoom or a personal visit with proper precautions. Dawn is available at 218-270-8811.  If you are struggling and need to talk with a friendly face, we are here for you.

 The Welcome Place has taken this opportunity to join efforts on projects with other organizations in our community, while also fulfilling our mission:

  • Dawn Finn is conducting Family Development Specialist training via Zoom as a joint project with the Multicultural Resource Center. The credential course began in September and will end with certification testing in December. This is funded in part by West Central Initiative. 
  •  We organized efforts with the Multicultural Committee, the Food Shelf and the Pelican Rapids School District to install a 24/7 multilingual video kiosk with touch screen and speaker at the Pelican Rapids Public Library through a grant with West Central Initiative.  
  •  We are providing services to clients referred by Ottertail County Human Services.  Thus allowing community members to receive counseling without traveling out of town.
  •  We are coordinating efforts with local community members and Local Foods, Local Places – Community Action Plan to achieve the goal to grow and culturally diversify the agricultural economy surrounding Pelican Rapids. New Americans bring with them food cultures and preferences that are new to our region. We are excited to welcome their skills and knowledge on how to grow special foods and share their culture.  This program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and EPA.

 The Welcome Place is a non-profit organization and our mission is to Strengthen Community Relationships and Improve the Health and Wellbeing of People. We receive grant support from corporations and foundations. The amounts of the grants are related to the amount of local financial support. Your individual support is essential to keeping our doors open.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and consider giving toward our mission. 

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